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First Solo NFT exhibition in Serbia, at REMONT Gallery, Belgrade

25th February – 18th March 2022.


Daniel Glid aka ZEROREZERO in Metaverse

With his ZEROREZERO NFT exhibition, Daniel Glid is welcomed back at the Remont gallery. This time, Glid presents his works that were created under the pseudonym ZEROREZERO, which he uses in the Metaverse – a fast-developing virtual reality where the focus remains on the experience of the users who represent its essential parts. In this environment, Glid begins to explore the position of an artist in the Metaverse which is dominated by ‘blockchain technology’, ‘decentrilisation’ and ‘token economy’. The exhibition comprises past works that were adapted to the Metaverse, and new works that were purposefully made for the OpenSea platform (an online marketplace for nonfungible tokens, or NFTs). These new works exist as both digital images and physical objects which are currently being exhibited in the Remont gallery. Glid ultimately offers a conclusion regarding the success (or lack thereof) of utopic opportunities which the Metaverse offers for art, the artist and their works.

‘Any digital medium may be referred to as an NFT: audio, text, tweets, weapons within video games, photographs from vacation, a scanned copy of a grocery receipt. It is embedded into a blockchain and it must consume energy to exist. From the perspective of an artist, I primarily became interested in the artistic aspect of NFTs and the diverse possibilities that this digital environment offers. Hence, I started posting my own collections. I read, listened and watched educational content, and I presumed that NFTs are a profitable opportunity for artists to improve their financial stability and independence.’

Daniel Glid (1963) was awarded a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in painting from the University of Fine Arts in Belgrade. He has been working with photography and graphic design for decades, and for the past fifteen years he has been the director of the MOTORING company in Belgrade. He participated in numerous independent and group exhibitions. As of twenty years ago, he began identifying himself as ZEROREZERO in Metaverse.

REMONT gallery, Maršala Birjuzova 7, Belgrade,